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OTCEED – BOONS Partnership

There are many ICOs that strive to be disruptors, but only a few have long-term vision. That is why at OTCEED we take extra measures to ensure idea integrity. We are pleased to announce our latest partnership with BOONS ICO ( ). With the established e-retail giants having almost total control on the channels that connect sellers and buyers, it is long overdue to have a blockchain solution that cuts out the middleman. This means lower prices for consumers as well as lower associated costs for sellers and manufacturers. Everyone’s a winner in this new generation of e-retail and hence we are excited to see this latest disruption of the market undertaken by one of our own. At OTCEED, we show our confidence in our clients by investing in their ICOs and STOs to help innovators such as BOONS realize their goals. We wish our partner the best of luck and look forward to integrating them into our soon-to-be-released trading platform.

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